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Weight Loss: Daliya a superfood!

Note:: Daliya is called brokenwheat in english. Its safe to be consumed during breastfeeding and helps in getting back to shape. 

  1. Low in calorie
    • Daliya is a wholewheat product which enhances metabolism rate. One serving contains very little calories. This means that you are adding very little to your total calorie count.
  2. High in fibre
    • Fibre aids in digestion and ensures that your body functions optimally and stays in good health. Fibre in your food cannot be converted to sugar, and therefore eating Dalia for weight loss makes a lot of sense.
  3. Slow to process
    • Foods which process quickly make you hungry faster and causes more sugar to be stored in the body. One of the benefits of Dalia for weight loss is that the body breaks it down and absorbs it slowly.
  4. Low glycemic index
    • A glycemic index measures how much sugar is converted from any particular food. The higher the index, the more the sugar. Low glycemic index foods are the best for someone seeking to lose weight, and that is why you must try Dalia for weight loss. It is absorbed slowly and helps to balance blood sugar in your body.
  5. High in protein
    • Dalia is an excellent source of protein. The real benefit of Dalia for weight loss is that it gives you a high protein diet, but unlike meat, it does not contain fats. It is therefore a safe, fat-free source of protein and must be included in your diet.
  6. Filling
    • Its high fibre content and slow absorption, leave you feeling full. You will also need to consume a much smaller portion because you will be full and prevents hunger pangs!
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How do I #getbacktoshape post pregnancy!

I lost some ten kgs in about 3 months just by following few diet tips and floor exercises at home. Being a mom it’s often tough to do things for self and leave your baby and go to gym unless you have a very strong support system. Unfortunately I have no support system which will allow me to leave my baby and get out to the gym, so I started doing my own exercises and managing my diet.

Five point which will help you in weight loss:

  • Drink water not caffeine.
  • Drink your food, yes I said it right. When you add extra water to your soup or milk it will not only full your stomach but will help you in not taking those extra calories.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Eating what you like in your breakfast will make your day energetic and full of happiness but if possible avoid oily and sugary stuff.
  • Do some 30-40 mins of floor exercise at home and get out with your baby for morning and evening walk.
  • Do your dinner before sunset. Yes and it helps a lot to get #backtoshape.

Follow this routine for about a month and then increase your exercise time slowly.

Stay connected to know what all exercises we should do  at home to get a fit and healthy body back.

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Post pregnancy and Relatives

As I always say we should be ready to get help from family and friends but it’s not that easy when it comes to getting help from relatives. When my boy was born my mother in law came to stay and help me for some 10 days.

Those ten days were tough for me to adjust and relax not because she was bad or wrong but because I was going through a very different phase of my life. I was in my own world very protective about my baby.

Few of my experience which will help you in dealing with relatives and maintaining a good  relationship.

  • Dont shout at them! Yes, I did and that was my biggest mistake. If you don’t like their suggestion and help just say sorry or be calm but don’t reply back rudely.
  • Understand they are human too and can be wrong. They have come to help you so get that help and you take proper rest. They will not take away your baby with them.
  • You need a proper sleep as during night baby will not allow you to get that so during day time leave your baby with them and relax and sleep. Get your health/fitness back on track.
  • Respect your relatives as they have come to help you but don’t make them overstay. Try to be independent in their presence.
  • As body goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes, so in anycase you feel like being rude to them just move from that place. Whatever makes you calm do that but don’t be rude but be smart.
  • Take good care of your health. It’s the only place where you will find maximum relief.

Normally after pregnancy it takes around 3 to 4 months to get back to a normal life but in few cases it might be little early as well. This the the best time you have with your baby and believe me life s going to come back on track very soon.

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Post pregnancy depression

As a new mom we often get tensed thinking of many things or sometimes lack of sleep makes us more irritating.  Just remember one thing “we are human too and so can’t be perfect all the times”. There will be a time when we will lose our mind and sense but how to make sure we remain calm and composed.

Five points which helped me in my post pregnancy days raising and taking care of my son:

  • Relax, listen to some good music. watch your favorite show, call and talk to your friends. Most important talk to your partner.
  • Get out of the house for walk and fresh air.
  • Sleep with your baby. Don’t just start doing household work as soon as your baby sleeps. Take some rest as well. Dirty laundry and kitchen can be done afterwards.
  • Take help of family and friends. If you are missing something for your baby that’s still fine, just remember you can’t be perfect all the times so ask for help and trust them.
  • Don’t worry about weight loss. Of Course you need sometime to get in shape and worrying will not help you in getting that. Focus on being healthy, not on weight loss.


I understand it’s not easy to handle post pregnancy depression and at the same time no one can help you. You are the only person who have to work on it and come out of it. Just remember “You are the best!” .