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Say NO to sugar but Why?

Say no to sugar as added sugar contains NO essential nutrients and is bad for your health.

Sugar and what are the side effects of it!

  • Obesity and weight gain – Eating excessive amounts of sugar spikes insulin levels and no matter how much you exercise, when insulin is chronically elevated, most of that energy gets deposited and stored in the fat cells.
  • Diabetes – Although eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, it can accelerate complications and progress the disease.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – When too much sugar is consumed day after day, it gets stored as fat in the liver, causing NAFLD. This can lead to serious problems like liver inflammation, which may progress to scarring and irreversible damage.
  • Heart Disease – Research has shown that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can raise blood pressure. Also, a high-sugar diet may stimulate the liver to release more toxic fats into the bloodstream. Both factors are known to boost heart disease risk.
  • Aging – Scientists have noted connections between sugar consumption and cell aging, along with skin wrinkling.

Say NO to sugar and help yourself to get a better and fit lifestyle!



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Yes, feeling of being alone is something which I can’t explain. Days looks longer and every second passes like an hour. Feeling of not doing anything and keep looking straight for long. Life looks like coming to an edge and feeling of zero. Feeling of being alone and trying to find fault in self. All these where my emotions after my teen breakup.

I was scattered, it took time for me to get back to the world of life. All the help and friends were of no help because my mind was closed and stuck. I came out of that phase with effort and after loosing much of my time. What made me get out of that phase?

Off course time and situation helped me but I will give more credit to my positive thinking and my will power. To accept the situation and not try to move faster or run away from the phase.

I started doing things which I loved the most- watching comedy shows either on TV or internet. Many comedian made me feel that what I am doing is so stupid and so natural. They made me feel without hurting my feeling. I accepted my breakup with a big laugh and moved on.

Made many friends and got in touch with old ones. Started doing things for which I never had time as I was busy!

Just remember life is too small to be sad and unhappy. Go see the world around you. We are lucky and this is the reason to celebrate.





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Mental Health- how do I get back to life?

Mental health is something which we often ignore. Either we don’t  understand what we are going through or we don’t accept it. As a lady who has gone through this can understand what goes inside us. What made me write today is I see alot of us going through this but we don’t understand or take it seriously. How do we understand when to ask for help?

When I was in college I went through a bad depression phase, given I was from a small town so I was clueless about my situation and there was not much help available on internet too but when I write now there are so much of help on internet and people are now open to talk about it too. I had lost much because of mine mental health but I am a fortunate person to come out of it. What helped in my healing? I was never on any medication given I never knew what was happening to me.

Problem with depression or low mental health is- you don’t feel like doing anything. To get pussed and start doing anything becames a big deal. I still remember how I started my first step towards my healthy life. One day when I got up all my roommates were off to class and I was only one sleeping and it was around 3 PM. That clicked me so hard and I made a promise to myself saying “I will not repeat this and let me help myself to come out of this”.

  • I started small and slowly that converted to my habit. I started getting up early around 5 in the morning and started going out for long walks. It helped me like magic. I use to walk really long thinking something. Slowly my thoughts got a positive shape but it took few months. I had failed many a times before making my walks really long.
  • Eat and drink clean. I am a non smoker and that too helped me. Normally I have seen people getting into bad habits just because they are into depression. Please, that’s going to worsen your situation. I drink almost 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Make good friends who understand and help you. I know it’s not that easy but not that tough as well. Till the time you find someone write your thoughts into your diary.
  • I have lots of love for music and songs. Whenever I am alone I make sure I put on my favorites songs and Yes, I dance on them as well.

I don’t regret going through a bad phase in my important days but I will regret if I don’t help anyone going through it. I know its hard but just one step and you will be back to the life again.

Will write more on how to get a better sleep and get up on time when suffering from bad mental health.