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My dark friend.

When I was small during my summer holidays I use to go to meet my grandma and spend my holidays there. During those days I made a friend her name was “Rajkumari”. She was dark and use to work in the fields. We use to spend almost all the evening’s together exploring village and she use to ask me alot of questions related to my school and what I do.

Once she asked me if I can help her and she asked for a fairness cream, that cream was too popular in those days and they use to show advertisement on television saying anyone can get fair if they use it. For a village girl it was expensive but worth trying for the fair skin. I got it from my grandma’s cupboard and gave it to her.

We were was too small to understand that a fairness cream can’t change our complexion and thus she was very hopeful. My vaccation was over and I was back to my place. Next year when I reached again to my village and met Rajkumari she was of same color. She was waiting for me to come so that she can show me the flat tube of the cream. She told me “nothing changed” and I promised to get the tube again from my grandma’s cupboard.

Why I wrote this is how a village girl had hope of fair skin just because she saw the advertisement saying so. Millions of us had such dreams but we get fooled by companies. Cosmetic companies hire big stars to do advertisement for them and thus fool many of us. Celebraties do these ad just for money forgetting they do have some social responsibilities. Just because they say people start believing and using.

I will not say weather it’s eithical or not but they kill the dream of many for getting a fair skin. Celebrates do the ad just for money and I can bet you guys they themselves had never used that product.

My friend was from village but because of the advertisement she thought of using it and hoped for a fair skin. Many of us can relate to this. Whatever skin we have is perfect only important is to be healthy and fit.