Cheating, Kids, marriage

Cheating in marriage

Are you staying with a partner who have no interest in you and you guys are only staying together for your kids. Might be true or maynot be.

I have a friend of mine let me call her ‘Snow’. Snow has a very good marriage till she discovered her husband was cheating on her. He use to chat/call multiple girls and even visit them. She was broken and wanted separation but she had a year old daughter because of which she wanted all to be fine and get her husband back. She was ready to forgive him. Things were not good but because of family pressure and kids they gave their marriage a second chance.

They had another kid after few years and after getting this news I thought all must be good but then all was not. Snow was still compromising and her husband was not serious for their relationship. Now she is making her mind to come out of this relationship and to only think about herself. She thought about her kids and gave her relationship a second chance.

I was never supported her decision of giving her relationship a second chance but I too understood not giving a chance will be not good for her kid.

What to do when we have a similar situation? Relax and talk to your partner. Make sure you tell him what is troubling you and is he ready to give up his habit which is troubling you and your relationship. If you find things are not going as you were expecting then involve people from family and friends. There are marriage counselors and you should talk to them.

All is fine but make sure you see love in your relationship. If love is missing you are probably in a wrong relationship. It might be a hard decision for you but you have to let it go.

Write me your experiences and let me know what you think of a marriage without love but with kids.

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