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Mental Health- how do I get back to life?

Mental health is something which we often ignore. Either we don’t  understand what we are going through or we don’t accept it. As a lady who has gone through this can understand what goes inside us. What made me write today is I see alot of us going through this but we don’t understand or take it seriously. How do we understand when to ask for help?

When I was in college I went through a bad depression phase, given I was from a small town so I was clueless about my situation and there was not much help available on internet too but when I write now there are so much of help on internet and people are now open to talk about it too. I had lost much because of mine mental health but I am a fortunate person to come out of it. What helped in my healing? I was never on any medication given I never knew what was happening to me.

Problem with depression or low mental health is- you don’t feel like doing anything. To get pussed and start doing anything becames a big deal. I still remember how I started my first step towards my healthy life. One day when I got up all my roommates were off to class and I was only one sleeping and it was around 3 PM. That clicked me so hard and I made a promise to myself saying “I will not repeat this and let me help myself to come out of this”.

  • I started small and slowly that converted to my habit. I started getting up early around 5 in the morning and started going out for long walks. It helped me like magic. I use to walk really long thinking something. Slowly my thoughts got a positive shape but it took few months. I had failed many a times before making my walks really long.
  • Eat and drink clean. I am a non smoker and that too helped me. Normally I have seen people getting into bad habits just because they are into depression. Please, that’s going to worsen your situation. I drink almost 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Make good friends who understand and help you. I know it’s not that easy but not that tough as well. Till the time you find someone write your thoughts into your diary.
  • I have lots of love for music and songs. Whenever I am alone I make sure I put on my favorites songs and Yes, I dance on them as well.

I don’t regret going through a bad phase in my important days but I will regret if I don’t help anyone going through it. I know its hard but just one step and you will be back to the life again.

Will write more on how to get a better sleep and get up on time when suffering from bad mental health.


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