Autism, Autism spectrum, marriage, special kid

Special kid and solution

I have seen people fighting and struggling when they have a special kid. of course life will not be the same but you can try to get a life of peace and slowly happiness will take entry to it. What to do? how to deal with the situation is the few questions which take deep entry to our mind.
Couple often blame each other and this is where problem starts to come. One solution which might help is to “talk”.

It’s painful and I know it’s not easy to understand but you have to be strong. Talk to your partner and help each other. Talking resolve maximum issues of this world. Question which comes in the mind what will happen to the kid once we are not in this world or around? Yes, I have few friends who are having special kids and I have seen them often struggling with this question. Again the solution is to talk with your partner and think on this instead of being sad and bitter. Built a strong support system and community around you. Be ready to offer help and be the first to be kind.

Sometimes our pain is so much that we ignore feelings of other. Be sensible and think about the child. How to make childs life better and independent? Look out for the school and teachers who can help the kid. Very important is to take some time out for yourself. Get out and do the thing you want to do and which will make you happy. Remember, if you are fine then only you can take care of your kid.


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