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Crawling: How to help in crawling?

Babies start to crawl around 5-9 months. If your baby is not crawling and he has already crossed 1 year, you need to see and understand why?

Crawling is a major milestone and helps babies develop their upper body strength. When they move around the floor they explore the surrounding and figure out the entire colourful world around them. I know many kids who started to walk and never crawled. Normally I don’t see any problem in that but why to miss a great opportunity which they can doing only now.

Few tips which will help starting the crawl:

  • Give your baby plenty of tummy time.
  • Encourage your baby to reach for the toys she is interested in.
  • Place the palms of your hands behind your child’s feet when he is on all fours. This stabilizes him and gives him something to push off from when he is just learning to crawl. Keep doing this on regular interval and you will see the results.

Don’t push your kid to do anything which he is not interested. You can try from your side but it should have no stress on the kid.

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