lentils soup

Daal Pani / Lentils Soup

Too called as lentils water or soup. This will be the first grain which we generally give to our little ones.

So that we don’t get confused below is the table for lentils and what we call them in hindi.

English names for Daal / Lentils Hindi name
Split Red gram Tuvar daal / Arhar daal
Split Red Lentil Masoor daal
Split Green gram Moong daal

Note: Moong daal is for infants starting 6 to 7 months and then we can start with tuvar daal or masoor daal. Moong daal is easy to digest and light on the stomach that’s the reason we are starting with this daal.


  1. 2 spoon daal. Nicely washed and cleaned.
  2. In a cooker take half cup of water and daal.
  3. Put on gas flame for about 5 mins or for 2 whistle.
  4. Once that’s done take out only water in sterilized bowl and feed that to the baby.


You can gradually increase daal amount. Initially give only daal water for about 1 month and then try mixing the whole daal. As sugar and salt and spices are not allowed or recommended for kids under 1 year try avoiding that.

Starting from 8 months 2 to 4 drops of ghee can be added to the daal and even add a pinch of hing(Asafetida) is fine. It helps in the digestion.

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