Apple Puree

Boiled and Mashed Apple Puree

Take one nicely washed and peeled apple. Cut it into pieces.Make sure to remove all the seeds.

In a pressure cooker take some water, about a cup and add all the cut apple pieces to it.

Let it be on flame for about 5 mins or for 2 whistles.

If you don’t have a pressure cooker then use a pan with a lid. Boil apple pieces for about 10 mins. If you can mash it with the help of a fork then it is fully cooked and ready to be feed.

Drain all the excess water and it can be used in some other food preparation. Mash it with the help of a fork or in a grinder. This puree is naturally sweet and rich in sucrose.

Excess of water can be used in dal or in any mash puree which we are making.

I am feeding this to my baby from around 6 and half months. You can mix some formula or breast milk to it as well. When you start with this one full apple will be extra for the baby so start with half or quarter apple and gradually increase the portion.

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